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    Cerused Oak Ice Bucket w/ Stainless Steel Liner

    Solid oak, brass trim, and stainless steel come together to create a classic and beautiful version of the ice bucket/wine chiller.

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  • Antique Brass Ice Bucket with Lid

    Another uncommon twist on an everyday object — the antique brass ice bucket with a lid is a handmade product of Africa.

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  • Graphite Ice Bucket with Lid  

    An uncommon version of the everyday item: The graphite metal ice bucket with lid adds utility and industrial strength to an otherwise common gadget.

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  • Ceramic Ice Bucket No. Four Hundred Two

    Wavy lines, dimpled depressions and uneven lips, give this organic shaped ice bucket endless uses.

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  • Leather Ice Bucket With Lid, Tongs

    A genuine leather-covered ice bucket/champagne chiller in deep matte blue is the perfect gift for the host or hostess on your shopping list.

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  • Crystal Clear Glass Ice Bucket

    Cheers! Chill wine, champagne, seltzers and ice with our ergo-friendly, crystalline glass ice bucket and wine cooler.

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  • Hammered Ice Bucket & Tongs

    Stainless Steel Ice Bucket Orange Shagreen Wrapped Handles

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