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  • Hepburn Set of 2 Coupe Glasses

    Exuding classic glamour with touch of modern design, the Hepburn Coupe Glasses are perfectly suited for elegant entertaining.

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  • “Pure” Bourgogne Wine Glasses

    Elevate your next dinner party by serving fine varietals in these delicate, elegant stemless red wine glasses.

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  • “Ghost Zero” White Wine Glass

    This long-stemmed white wine glass has an intriguing, endearing shape that actually makes your wine taste better.

    $90.00 more...
  • “Ghost Zero” Red Wine Glass

    With a long stem and a unique pear shape, this striking red wine glass stands out on any table.

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  • “Shade” Lowball Glasses, Set of 4

    Each of these four intriguing crystal lowball glasses bears a skull motif etched into the base.

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  • “Savage” Pony Glasses

    Sip cocktails or cordials from these dainty, elegant pony glasses handmade from lead-free crystal.

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  • “Savage” Coupetini Glasses

    These elegant glasses are in between coupe glasses and martini glasses—in other words, the ideal size.

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  • “Savage” Coupe Glasses, Set/2

    Use this set of two sleek, lead-free-crystal coupe glasses for champagne or craft cocktails.

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  • 6-Piece Kikatsu Drinking Glass Set By Kimura Glass

    Create a stunning table setting with the 6-piece hand-blown, hand-etched drinking glass set from Kimura Glass, makers of fine stemware and glassware.

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  • Stem Zero Crystal White Wine Glass

    Lightweight, thin, and 35% stronger than everyday glass, the Stem Zero white wine glass from NUDE will impress the most discerning wine enthusiast.

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  • Large Stem Zero Crystal Red Wine Glass

    You’ll be impressed by the weight, strength and thinness of the lead-free crystal red wine glasses, from glassmaker NUDE’s Stem Zero collection.

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  • Sale!

    Hand Engraved Emerald Green Crystal Hunting Wine Goblet

    Each goblet is a work of art produced entirely by hand, engraved and polished by hand.

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  • Stem Zero Volcano Red Wine Glass

    A unique and pleasurable marrying of form and delivery with our most impressive Red Wine Glasses.

    $65.00 more...
  • Stem Zero Volcano Wine Glass

    Please the discerning eye, hand and lips with our most impressive Wine Glass.

    $65.00 more...
  • Stem Zero Volcano Crystal Champagne Glass

    Very special occasions deserve to be accompanied by an equally special Champagne Glass.

    $65.00 more...
  • Nude Pure White Wine Glasses S/4

    Add these high-end stemless white wine glasses to your glassware collection today.



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  • Nude Pure Red Wine Glasses S/4

    Set of four exquisitely simple handmade Red Wine Glasses presented in a beautiful gift box.

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