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  • Satori Incense-Jasmine

    Burn our Japanese Jasmine Incense to help clear the mind and infuse any room with a soft fragrance.

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  • Medicinal Healing Box

    Handcrafted in black walnut, this apothecary-style box comes filled with organic herbal remedies that help set your intentions as you meditate, sleep, work or play.

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  • 5-Wick Luxury Candle ‘New Beginnings’

    Light the ‘New Beginnings’ 5-wick candle and celebrate the next chapter in life with scents from rose, pine, nutmeg and birch.

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  • Luxurious Meditation Candle in Earthy ‘Fearless’ Scent

    Focus on self-confidence, clear your mind when you light this luxurious scented ‘Fearless’ meditation candle with an earthy blend of essential oils and gemstones.

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  • Meditation Candle in ‘Simplify’ Scent

    Slip into a moment of clarity when you light the ‘Simplify’ scented candle, graced with touches of orange blossom and sandalwood.

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  • Friendship Candle

    Friendship Meditation Candle

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  • Space Clearing Candle

    Space Clearing Meditation Candle

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  • Luxury Meditation Candle in ‘Strength’ Scent

    Relax with this scented ‘Strength’ candle for meditation in an earthy blend of essential oils and sapphire gemstones

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  • Balance Candle

    Balance Meditation Candle

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  • Ritual Meditation Candle

    Limited Edition Ritual Candle

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