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  • Ceramic Lavender Incense & Burner

    Enjoy the soothing aroma of lavender in your home with this Vermont pottery incense burner plus 50 incense sticks.

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  • Room Diffuser Scented With Sweet Magnolia & Fig

    Fill the room with deep, rich scents blended from sweet-scented freesia, spring-fresh magnolia, lily of the valley, and dark, ripe figs.

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  • Sweet Magnolia & Fig Body Lotion

    Dark ripe figs, Magnolia, Lily of the Valley, and Freesa will remind you of old Southern traditions with this wonderful aromatic hand and body lotion.

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  • Basil, Sage & Lemon Candle

    Our Basil, Sage, and Lemon Candle infused with orange and lime is ideal for any kitchen.

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  • Scent Difusers from Latvia

    Latvian Craftsmen, masters at capturing the essence of glorious lavender, ultimately mixing these fragrances with oil, creating a Scent Diffuser you will adore.

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    Asheberry and Bilberry leaves with lavender in Soy Wax Candle to deliver an especially lovely scent of lavender.

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  • Wild Flowers Candle

    Decorated with Latvian wild flowers, hand poured all-soy wax candle with a natural rose aroma.

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  • Juniper & Limonium Candle

    Hand crafted with all-natural products, decorated with Latvian flowers with a delicate lavender fragrance.

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    White Pine Candle

    Heavenly scented pine forest – We imagine the white pine candle can now be checked off your list of gifts to give and get.

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  • Basil, Sage, & Lemon Hand & Body Lotion

    Our Basil, Sage, and Lemon Hand & Body Lotion, is a crisp and aromatic blend of scents that will invoke memories of a garden.

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  • Basil, Sage & Lemon Diffuser

    Our Basil, Sage, and Lemon Diffuser with notes of orange and lime is ideal for any kitchen.

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  • Room Diffuser in Tobacco & Orange Blossom

    Add a subtle scent of ripe tobacco and orange blossom with this room diffuser, perfect for any room in your home.

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    Orange Spice, Juniper & Fir Candle

    Bring in the holidays with this Orange Spice, Juniper and Fir Candle.

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  • Magnolia & Fig Scented Candle

    Fill the room with southern aromas — lily of the valley, freesia, magnolia and dark ripe figs — with this scented candle.

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  • Scented Candle in Tobacco & Orange Blossom

    The aroma from this tobacco and orange blossom scented candle will have you thinking of bygone days of open verandas in the open air.

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