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  • Pajaro Cuatro Tetas Decorative Basket

    With a unique “four breasts” shape, this handmade Colombian basket is a one-of-a-kind housewarming gift or host gift.

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    Origins Cuatro Tetas Decorative Basket

    Add this striking piece of Colombian arts and crafts to your home decor today.

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  • Amazonas Cuatro Tetas Decorative Basket

    The beautiful “four breasts” shape of this decorative basket adds character to any room.

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  • Jemima Decorative Basket: Black &Natural

    This elegant and striking basket was woven by hand in Africa—and goes with any home decor.

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  • Jemima Decorative Basket: Orange & Brown

    This decorative basket represents the best of African artisanship.

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  • Jemima Decorative Basket: Black& Green

    Enjoy a touch of African creativity with this fun and colorful decorative basket.

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  • Jemima Decorative Basket: Green & Orange

    Artisans in Ghana wove this elegant and colorful decorative basket by hand.

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  • Black and White Beaded Basket 

    The black-and-white handwoven basket is finished in molded beads and comes to you from the plains of Africa.

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  • Canvas Organizer: Half Wall

    Store just about anything in style with this handsome and well-made canvas organizer.

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  • Canvas Organizer: Full Wall

    This hanging organizer is the right gift for gardeners, carpenters, or anyone who could use a little help in storing their tools.

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    Decorative Felted Felted Wool Laundry Hamper

    Beautifully and functionally designed laundry basket for your bedroom.

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    Felted Wool Firewood Basket and Carrier

    The most useful and elegantly designed basket to carry and store your firewood.

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    Hand Felted Wool Big Basket promotes Zen Living

    Large and beautifully designed basket for household storage.

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    Hand Felted Wool Bigi Basket

    Versatile and hand felted basket great for any room in the house.

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