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  • Dripless Taper Candles from Floral Society

    Add a simple touch of elegance with Floral Society’s dripless taper candles, available in pairs, in 2 sizes and three color ways.

    $14.00$16.00 more...
  • Sale! cowhide tray

    Hair On Hide Leather Tray

    The hair-on hide leather serving tray comes in two sizes and is perfect for serving beverages, snacks or protecting your furniture.

    $90.00$160.00 more...
  • Ceramic Green Fowl w/ Cobalt Spots

    Collectible and signed, the latest addition to our ceramic fowl collection from southern France displays deep shades of green.

    $140.00$182.00 more...
  • Ceramic Grey Fowl w/ Cobalt Spots Medium

    The highly collectible and sought-after ceramic Guinea fowl from La Pintade Caillard just got a new member of the family — in cobalt blue and gray.

    $164.00 more...
  • Ceramic Green Quail w/ Yellow Spots

    Quirky and magnificent, the highly collectible ceramic quail is made from hand-poured French clay, and hand painted and signed by the artist.

    $90.00 more...
  • Ceramic Green Quail w/ Cobalt Spots 

    Mais oui! Start or add to your collection of ceramic fowl made from the red clay of southern France and high fired for a long shelf life.

    $90.00 more...
  • Ceramic Duck Yellow Quail w/ Electric Blue Spots

    The duck yellow and blue high-fired ceramic quail is ready to join your flock. She’s signed, sealed and ready to deliver in her own nesting box.

    $90.00 more...
  • Sale!

    Hand Engraved Winter Leaves Votive Holder

    The handmade, individually signed crystal candle holder/vase is a work of art with hand-etched scenes of winter holidays that will make any table sparkle.

    $635.00 $503.00 more...
  • Sale!

    Pewter Hurricane Lamp and Centerpiece 

    Pewter Pine Cone Pillar Hurricane Glass Centerpiece

    $830.00 $498.00 more...
  • Hand Engraved Crystal Alps Votive Holder

    Light up Christmas with the 6.5-inch crystal glass candle holder / vase, hand blown, hand engraved and signed by the artist.

    $635.00 $503.00 more...
  • Wood Stamped Vase with Bronze Accent

    Intricate Wood Relief Stamped Porcelain Vase

    $110.00 more...
  • Sale!

    Antler Handle Serving Tray 

    Festive Antler, Wood & Pewter Serving Tray

    $325.00 $243.75 more...
  • Leather Hurricane Candle Holder

    Make a bold statement with these glass and blue leather-wrapped hurricane candle holders, a versatile home decor accent.

    $65.00$90.00 more...
  • Blue Leather Square Tray

    Add a touch of luxury to any home or office decor with this genuine leather square serving tray in a deep matte blue finish.

    $150.00$300.00 more...
  • Homage to Fabergé Vase

    Egg Shaped Grey Glass & Brass

    $285.00 more...
  • Wood-Topped Tea Cups

    Simply beautiful ceramic teacups with wood toppers.

    $120.00 more...
  • Bud Vases by Marcel Artes Deolazo

    Elevate your home decor with these elegant bud vases featuring spirit animals.

    $140.00 more...
  • Grey Glass Vase ‘Matisse’ Smoke Stacking Vase

    Earth and water come together in this exquisite stacking vase and bowl set hand made by craftsmen in Europe.

    $250.00 more...
  • India Small Stacking Vessel-Teal Brass

    Made of hand-blown glass, wood and hand-spun brass, this stacking vessel/vase and bowl is not only exquisite but also practical.

    $550.00 more...
  • Bloom Stacking Vessel-Amber Smoke

    This beautiful pair stacks to become a centerpiece; separated, they are a hand-blown glass vessel and handcrafted smoked wood serving bowl.

    $835.00 more...
  • Hand-Blown Glass & Hand-Turned Wood Vase (2 Pieces)

    Our “Bloom” stacking vessel set is made of hand-blown Czech glass and hand-spun wood in Germany.

    $835.00 more...
  • Reflection Decanter

    Elevate your décor

    $350.00 more...
  • India Large Stacking Vase

    Together the pieces of this stacking vase display as an exquisite sculpture; separated they become practical vessels for flowers, food or whatever you need to hold.

    $1,100.00 more...
  • Midnight Sea Glass Fish Platter

    This handmade sea glass infused platter is ideal for most any recipe, a gorgeous home accent or as a memorable gift.

    $118.00 more...


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