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  • 60-Minute Hourglass Sand Timer

    Have you ever seen a sand timer thing that looks like this? We didn’t think so. Offered in 2 color ways.

    $45.00 more...
  • “Shade” Cigar Ashtray

    The striking skull etched into this glass cigar ashtray reminds you to savor every moment of life.

    $98.00 more...
  • Wooden Cell Phone Amplifier

    Awesome, enhanced mobile phone sound-no power required

    $170.00$250.00 more...
  • Antique Brass Magnifying Glass

    Looking like the wonderful heirloom it will become is our branch-shaped brass magnifying glass

    $64.00 more...
  • Here The Personal Globe

    The globe that allows you to trace your travel experiences and mark those places “I was here”.

    Three styles available.

    $33.00$46.00 more...
  • Buddha Cone Sculpture

    Cast Glass Buddha Cone Sculpture

    $600.00 more...
  • Anvil Sculpture

    Miniature Anvil Cast Glass Sculpture

    $240.00 more...
  • Full Circle Vision Globe

    Atmosphere Full Circle Vision Globe

    $240.00 more...
  • Modern Twist to the Tabletop Globe

    Atmosphere Nodo Globe Illuminated

    $270.00 more...
  • Handcrafted Illuminated World Globe

    Atmosphere Full Circle Reflection Globe, Illuminated

    $270.00 more...
  • Self-Inking Rubber Stamp

    Self-inking, nickel-plated rubber stamp with interchangeable typographic and ready-made imprint plates

    $215.00 more...
  • Tower Lamps

    Tower Lamps

    $1,000.00$1,100.00 more...
  • The Wild Boar

    Bronze Wild Boar Sculpture and Weight

    $490.00 more...
  • Lue Brass Paper Knife

    Brass & Wood Handle Paper Knife

    $84.00 more...
  • Piper Small Box

    Small lidded iron box in black bronze, accented with brass.

    $225.00 more...

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