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  • Salt Cellar & Spoon

    Farmed Sea Salt Cellar & Spoon. A perfect gift for the foodie in your life

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  • Freeze & Serve Himalayan Salt Plates, Set/4

    Wow your guests with gourmet appetizers or desserts served on elegant plates made from pink Himalayan salt. Set of 4.

    $45.00 more...
  • BBQ Himalayan Salt Plate/Block

    The mineral qualities of gourmet Himalayan salt will infuse your next cookout with something extra.

    $46.00 more...
  • Himalayan Salt Rock & Grater

    Delight a gourmet cook in your life with a striking gift set featuring a Himalayan salt rock plus grater and oak stand.

    $48.00 more...
  • Pasta Water Salt Crystals

    Get the right pasta result every time you cook by adding one of these salt crystals to your pasta water.

    $15.00 more...
  • Set of Four Gourmet Salt Rocks

    This set of four pretty salt rocks lets adventurous cooks try new ways of flavoring.

    $25.00 more...
  • Java Long Bean Pepper Refill

    Any gourmet cook will appreciate these uniquely savory Java peppercorns.

    $15.00 more...
  • Java Long Bean Pepper & Grater

    Add more to any gourmet kitchen with a set that includes savory peppercorns from Java plus a grater and oak stand.

    $29.00 more...

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