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  • Mini Wooden Tongs, S/2

    Use these stylish tongs as barware (for ice cubes) or serveware (for a side dish).

    $45.00 more...
  • Claude Dozorme Multicolored Steak Knives

    These sets of six brightly colored and natural Laguiole steak knives with matching box makes a great gift for anyone who loves entertaining. Offered in three color ways.

    $165.00 more...
  • Petit Dejeuner Cheese Set

    Use this unique Petit Dejeuner Knife Set while serving breakfast in the morning or entertaining at dinner. Offered in 2 color ways.

    $95.00 more...
  • Chaco Flatware Set 16 pcs

    Chaco Flatware Set 16 pcs

    $379.95 more...
  • Solid Brass Dessert Scoop

    Function and magic to handle granite hard ice cream.

    $85.00 more...
  • Walnut Fiddle Bow Bread Knife Set

    Made by Vermont by Old World artisans, a Bread and Bow Set that slices bread as easily as butter.

    $85.00$175.00 more...
  • Bread and Bow Knife Set In Grey

    Modern look to a timeless design for the Bread and Bow Set.

    $85.00$175.00 more...
  • Hand Carved Spoons

    Hand Carved Lemonwood Spoons

    $32.00$36.00 more...
  • Hand Carved Spreader

    Hand Carved Lemonwood Cheese Spreader

    $12.00 more...
  • Cheese Enthusiast Tool Kit

    Maintain the look and integrity of your board simply by using this useful tool kit.

    $27.00 more...

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