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  • “Man Cloth” Apron

    Guys can use this all-purpose apron and cleaning cloth whenever they’re cooking, gardening, barbecuing, and more.

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  • Boma Cloth Napkin

    Enjoy these beautiful oversize cloth napkins inspired by the colors of the South African landscape. Offered in three colorways.

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  • Reserved Beach Towel

    You can expect to lie out for hours on this super-soft oversized Turkish-style beach towel.

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    Superfine Merino Wool Knitted Baby Blanket

    Innovative knitting of soft superfine merino wool and creative use of color, creates this adorable reversible baby blanket.

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  • Mohair Throw In Tan

    Cuddle up with this throw blanket in earthtones, hand made from ethically sourced mohair, ostrich feathers and finished with beads.

    $880.00 more...
  • Mohair Throw Blanket In Antique Silver

    Warm up fireside with the ethically sourced and handwoven mohair blanket in shades of antique silver and finished with ostrich feathers.

    $880.00 more...
  • Canvas Gardener Apron w/ Pockets

    Brilliantly designed, practical, and comfortable — this canvas gardening apron is just what she needs to nurture her creative side. Offered in 2 color ways.

    $64.00 more...
  • Woof Woven Tea Towel

    Go to the dogs for fabulous Italian woven linen tea towel set

    $25.00 more...
  • Pomegranate Tea Towel

    Pomegranate Tea Towels Hand Woven in Italy. Good Enough to Eat! Good Enough to Use!

    $25.00 more...
  • The Carp Tea Towel

    The Carp! Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous, tea towels you’ll adore!

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    Merino Wool Covered Hot Water Bottle

    Favorite new snuggly, covered hot water bottle for a cold winter’s night or when you’re laid low

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    Natha Cashmere Wrap and Throw

    Natha Semi-Felted Wrap andThrow – in Bone

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    Luxurious Hedgehouse Velvet Throwbed

    Velvet Throwbed – Navy

    $320.00 more...
  • Tibeb Hand Towel Exquisitely Spun and Woven

    Incredibly soft and beautiful hand towel that is hand-spun and woven by Ethiopian artisans.

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  • Saved NY Yak Wool Friends Blanket

    Friends Blanket

    $1,000.00 more...
  • Linen Napkins – Set of 4

    These soft linen napkins make the perfect hostess gift, and they’ll dress up any table for many years to come.

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  • The Octopus Tea Towel

    Octopi are occupying the kitchen

    $25.00 more...
  • Square Woven Tablecloth, Octopus Design

    Now! About the the octopus taking up residence on your tablecloth. Exceptional Italian Woven Linen/Cotton tablecloth.

    $295.00 more...
  • Linen Octopus Napkins Set of 4

    Where octopi come out to play-Italian woven linen napkins, Set of 4

    $140.00 more...
  • Two Tone Gingham Napkins Set/4

    Our Two -Tone Gingham Napkins offer a fresh approach to a classic pattern.

    Other Color Options Available

    $110.00 more...
  • Lobster Cotton Napkin Set of 4

    Napkin set with vintage lobster design made from washable 100% cotton and hand printed with water-based ink.

    $20.00 more...
  • Binchotan Tea Towels

    These charcoal infused teatowels will become your favorite as they are extremely absorbent and odor free when cleaning up your kitchen.

    $11.00 more...

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