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  • Citronella Sea Salt Candle

    This citronella and sea salt candle evokes the scent of the ocean breeze—and the pleasures of summer.

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  • Citronella Eucalyptus Candle

    Here’s an essential for summer dining outdoors: a soy-wax candle made from citronella oil and soothing eucalyptus.

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  • Citronella Blossom Candle

    Burn this biodegradable soy-wax citronella candle whenever you want to keep the bugs away.

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  • Citronella Verbena Body Balm

    This vegan, cruelty-free, all-natural insect repellent lotion is all you need for outdoor summer activities.

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  • Ceramic Palo Santo Citronella Incense Burner

    This vegan, cruelty-free, all-natural insect repellent lotion is all you need for outdoor summer activities.

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  • Palo Santo Citronella Outdoor Incense

    Light these incense sticks to add the natural insect repellents citronella and palo santo to your next outdoor event.

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  • Pantry Incense Burner

    Burn fragrant citronella or lavender incense in this elegantly designed pottery vessel, which makes an ideal host gift.

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  • Beehive Citronella Incense Burner

    Add style to your table and keep away bugs with this Vermont pottery incense burner that burns citronella incense.

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  • Citronella Firestarters

    These firestarters not only help you get your grill, wood fireplace, or firepit going—they’ll keep away mosquitoes, too.

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  • Saltee Hands

    Upgrade your hand sanitizer with a formula that feels and smells more like a moisturizer.

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    Saltee Face Sea & Sun Formula SPF 50

    Protect, soothe, and hydrate your skin on vacation and all year long with this natural SPF facial moisturizer.

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    Saltee Sea & Sun Lotion SPF 30

    All-natural lotion from this vegan-friendly brand makes for a standout skincare gift.

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    Saltee Daily Protection Formula SPF 50

    This natural SPF moisturizer is for more than just beach vacations: It protects your face and hydrates your skin all year long.

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    Saltee Active Sun Lotion SPF 30

    Discover how well Saltee’s all-natural, vegan-friendly natural SPF moisturizer works for all skin types.

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  • Essential Oils Incense: Lemongrass, Orange & Clary Sage

    Enjoy the soothing properties of lemongrass, orange, and clary sage essential oils with these slow-burning incense sticks.

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  • Citronella Tea Light Holder

    Your table will glow when you place your citronella tea lights in this charming candle holder.

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  • Citronella Sea Salt Tea Lights

    Combining natural insect repellent citronella with a hint of the ocean, these tea lights make any garden party better.

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  • Citronella Blossom Lantern Candle

    This lovely outdoor candle combines insect-repellent citronella with hints of jasmine, cinnamon, clove, and lime oil.

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  • Citronella 3-Wick Eucalyptus Candle

    This candle blends the soothing essences of citronella and eucalyptus, and can be used both inside and outdoors.

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  • Palo Santo Citronella Outdoor Candle

    Make your garden parties better with an outdoor candle that blends palo santo and citronella, and keeps bugs away—naturally.

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  • Palo Santo Citronella Outdoor Body Spray

    This citronella spray adds in palo santo oil for a soothing aroma that keeps bugs away at any outdoor event.

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  • Hanging Citronella Coil

    Attractive to all – especially mosquitos

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  • Incense & Citronella Coil with Holder

    No need to look further to hang your citronella coil!

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  • Citronella 3 Wick Sea Salt Candle

    Make any outdoor occasion bug free with our Citronella Sea Salt 3 Wick Candle. Enjoy the scent of ocean air and sea salt with a hint of jasmine.

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