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  • Blue Plaid Gingham Dog Collar

    Dress up your dog for any occasion with this blue gingham collar, available in three sizes (small, medium, large).

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    The Ultimate Pet Snuggle Bed

    Paws down, the most comfortable, versatile, cleanable pet bed. Perfect for dogs, cats, or the little burrower in your life!

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  • Large Round Dog Bed in Durable Denim

    Large round dog bed made from durable denim material that will look great in any home. Filled with 100% recycled sustainable materials. Shop now!

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    Houndstooth Lounge Bed

    This classic houndstooth design will add panache to your home and make your best friend the most comforatble pup in town

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  • Chill Pad for Pets

    The pawfect mat to take on the go, wherever you and your best friend go.

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  • Boo Oh All-In-One-Leash and Harness, Dark Grey

    A dog leash-harness all-in-one, spectacularly simple in design, best dark grey color ever!

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    Pet Pom Sweater

    Let your pet look great in this 100% wool, handmade sweater with harness hole. Offered in two color ways.

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    Hand-Knit Wool Sweater

    Stylish and comfortable 100% wool sweater with harness hole. Offered in two color ways.

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  • Wax Dry Jacket

    Keep your pup dry on those rainy and snowy days with this beautiful waxed jacket.

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  • On The Go Dog Tote/Carrier

    Extremely durable and comfortable Pet On The Go Tote bag with important accessories.  Other colorways available.

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    Vintage Swiss Cross Blanket Dog Bed

    Vintage Blanket Swiss Cross Dog Bed

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  • Boo Oh Toto Bag

    The one, best accessory for the all-in-one leash and harness system for your dog-the toto bag!

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  • Boo Oh All-In-One-Leash and Harness, Ruby Red

    Ingenious design, brilliant dark red color, the all-in-one dog leash and harness

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  • Oliver Green Floral Dog Leash

    Stroll in style with the olive floral dog leash, handmade and finished with durable stitched fabric and nickel-plated hardware.

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  • Olive Green Floral Dog Collar

    Add style to your daily walks with the handmade olive floral dog collar — cute, durable and available in three adjustable sizes.

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  • Olive Floral Dog Bandana

    This fashionable, adorable olive floral dog bandana is the perfect gift for your faithful friend!

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  • June’s Meadow Floral Leash

    Your dog will be the most fashionable pup in the neighborhood with the handmade ‘June’s Meadow’ floral leash.

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  • June’s Meadow Floral Collar

    Your dog will love the attention she (or he) gets in this lively June’s Meadow Floral Collar!

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  • “Union Jack” Dog Lead

    Very British, very dapper, the Union Jack designer dog leash honors GB’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

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  • Union Jack Dog Collar

    This cheeky Great Britain Union Jack collar is a nod to England’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

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  • Union Jack Dog Bandana

    The Queen’s corgis would give a standing bark-vation for this Great Britain Union Jack Dog Bandana

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  • Floral Print Dog Lead ‘Eva Liberty’

    Your faithful friend will be the talk of the neighborhood with her olive and print floral dog lead/leash.

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  • Floral Print Dog Collar ‘Eva Liberty’

    Your pup will love all the attention she gets when she wears her fashionable print floral collar (matching accessories available)

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  • Floral Print Dog Reversible Bandana ‘Eva Liberty’

    Your happy pup will love the attention she gets when she wears her reversible floral and olive-colored polka-dot bandana.

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