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  • Homage to Fabergé Vase

    Egg Shaped Grey Glass & Brass

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    Sumak Kilim Belt, Size 44, for Man or Woman

    This Sumak Kilim belt in leather trim (size 44) is the perfect gift for any man or woman who appreciates fine fabrics and textiles.

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    Sumak Kilim Belt (Size 42) With Leather Trim for Man/Woman

    Need a gift for the well-traveled man or woman? This genuine Sumak kilim belt, woven from wool and silk carpet thread (size 42), is the perfect fit.

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    Sumak Kilim and Leather Belt (Unisex Size 40) with Brass Buckle

    This one-of-a-kind tapestry and leather belt (size 40) perfectly fits the style of any well-traveled man or woman on your gift list.

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    Leather and Sumak Kilim Belt (Size 38) for Man or Woman

    Made from Sumak kilim wool and silk and finished with leather trim and brass buckle, this size-38 is the perfect fit for the well-traveled man or woman.

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    Sumak Kilim Belt with Leather Trim (Size 36)

    The fabric textile and soft leather in this Sumak kilim belt (size 36) is the perfect fit for the man or woman who appreciates fine wardrobe accessories.

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    Sumak Kilim and Leather Belt for Men and Women (Size 34)

    This one-of-a-kind soft leather and tapestry textile belt (size 34) is handmade from wool and silk and perfect for men and women.

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    Handmade Sumak Kilim and Leather Belt (Size 32) for Men/Women

    No one else in the world has this Sumak kilim leather-wrapped belt (size 32) with a solid brass buckle. It’s a perfect fit for the well-traveled man or woman.

    $168.00 $126.00 more...
  • Hand-Blown Glass & Hand-Turned Wood Vase (2 Pieces)

    Our “Bloom” stacking vessel set is made of hand-blown Czech glass and hand-spun wood in Germany.

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  • India Large Stacking Vase

    Together the pieces of this stacking vase display as an exquisite sculpture; separated they become practical vessels for flowers, food or whatever you need to hold.

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  • Midnight Sea Glass Fish Platter

    This handmade sea glass infused platter is ideal for most any recipe, a gorgeous home accent or as a memorable gift.

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  • White Wood Stamped Fish Platter

    Intricate Wood Relief Stamped Porcelain Platter

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  • Large Handcrafted Serving Bowl

    Large Pinch Bowl with White Glaze

    $200.00 more...
  • Handcrafted Bronze Glass Bowl

    Bronze with Ink Blue Crushed Glass Glaze

    $440.00 more...
  • Paddle Walnut Cutting and Serving Board

    Rare walnut to create by hand a singularly gorgeous paddle serving and cutting board

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  • Sale! multicolored chicken footstool

    Little Gypsy, Chicken Footstool

    Little Gypsy, Chicken Little Footstool For Adoption !

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    Little Jack, Chicken Footstool

    Little Jack, Chicken Little Footstool

    $1,650.00 $1,238.00 more...
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    Cleopatra, Chicken Footstool

    Cleopatra, Chicken Footstool

    $2,700.00 $2,025.00 more...


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