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  • Oversized Octopus Serving Tray

    An eye-catching octopus floats across an oversize melamine tray.

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    Away & Aware

    Professional tips and advice for off-the-grid trips for more mindful and safe travel.

    $20.00 $15.00 more...
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    Yoga Man(ual)

    Become a yoga pro with these easy-to-learn tips and instructions from top instructors.

    $20.00 $15.00 more...
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    Work Life

    Improve your work-life experience with these important modern office tips, tricks, and advice.

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    Black Baja II Handbag

    Diane Castellan Designed Cowhide and Shagreen Handbag

    $640.00 $320.00 more...
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    Three Strand Textured Brass Rectangle Mobile

    Beautiful and hand-cut 3-strand rectangle mobile for hanging from the wall or ceiling.

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    Playful Brass Rectangular Tiered Mobile

    Rectangular hand-cut and brushed brass – perfect for catching light and playing with movement.

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    Rectangular Spirit Chain, Hand-Cut Brushed Brass

    Rectangular spirit chain in hand-cut and brushed brass to keep bad dreams at bay.

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    Five Piece Organic Spirit Chain in Hammered & Textured Brass

    Organic Spirit Chain to keep bad dreams at bay

    $140.00 $70.00 more...
  • Sale! wood and faulk canvas tote

    Multi-Pocket Canvas Tote

    Tote your tools, groceries, picnic items or crafts in style with this wax-coated canvas tote bag with one large compartment and six pockets.

    $200.00 $120.00 more...
  • Sale! wood and faulk carpenter bag

    Classic Waxed Canvas ‘Carpenter’ Bag

    Our lightweight, heavy duty carpenter-style waxed canvas bag can be used for laptops, shopping, workouts and so much more.

    $285.00 $117.00 more...
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    Make your next hosted meal a delicious and unforgettable experience with these simple recipes and advice.

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    Rocking Horse

    This horse is sure to win the race.

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    Pom-Pom Knit Hat

    Ahh, how cute is this little Pom Pom hat! What a wonderful gift.

    $28.00 $21.00 more...
  • Sale! multicolored chicken footstool

    Little Gypsy, Chicken Footstool

    Little Gypsy, Chicken Little Footstool For Adoption !

    $1,550.00 $930.00 more...
  • Little Jack, Chicken Footstool

    Little Jack, Chicken Little Footstool

    $1,650.00 $990.00 more...
  • Cleopatra, Chicken Footstool

    Cleopatra, Chicken Footstool

    $2,700.00 $1,620.00 more...
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    Popcorn Dot Hat

    Utterly adorable, toasty warm, and hand knitted, of course!

    $28.00 $21.00 more...
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    Booties With Fur Pom

    Think great gift! A bootie with style, warmth and fur pom. Darling for a special darling!

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    Llama Hat

    This fun loving animal design is sure to make your little one laugh and smile.

    $28.00 $21.00 more...
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    Lucy Stripe Knit Hat

    Let your baby bring in the holidays wearing this adorable Lucy Striped Knit Hat.

    $28.00 $21.00 more...
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    Billy Buffalo Knit Hat

    Your child will be king of the corral, wearing this Buffalo Knit Hat

    $28.00 $21.00 more...
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    Hartley Deer Knit Newborn Set

    Make your newborn even more precious in this little Hartley Deer Set.

    $54.00 $40.50 more...


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