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    Decorative Felted Felted Wool Laundry Hamper

    Beautifully and functionally designed laundry basket for your bedroom.

    $358.00 $214.80 more...
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    Felted Wool Firewood Basket and Carrier

    The most useful and elegantly designed basket to carry and store your firewood.

    $210.00$334.80 more...
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    Hand Felted Wool Big Basket promotes Zen Living

    Large and beautifully designed basket for household storage.

    $345.00 $207.00 more...
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    Hand Felted Wool Bigi Basket

    Versatile and hand felted basket great for any room in the house.

    $390.00 $234.00 more...
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    Hand Knit Wool Finn Boy’s Baby Blanket

    Beautifully hand-knitted and breathable baby boy’s blanket.

    $378.00 $222.00 more...
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    Hand Knit Wool Sofi Girl’s Baby Blanket

    Individually hand-knitted and breathable baby girl’s blanket.

    $370.00 $222.00 more...
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    Theo Kangaroo Hand Knit Wool Pillow Cover

    Made from a blend of merino and alpaca wool with winter kangaroo design.

    $255.60$274.80 more...
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    Anni Cross Country Skier Wool Pillow Cover

    Hand-knitted with a blend of merino and alpaca wool and knitted skier design

    $255.60$274.80 more...
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    Hunter Franz Wool Pillow Cover

    Hand-knitted and made from almost 100% natural materials with hunter and dog design.

    $255.60$274.80 more...
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    Reindeer Bob Knitted Wool Pillow Cover

    Made from a blend of merino and alpaca wool with separately knitted reindeer design.

    $255.60$274.80 more...
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    White Pine Candle

    Heavenly scented pine forest – We imagine the white pine candle can now be checked off your list of gifts to give and get.

    $45.00 $31.50 more...
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    Orange Spice, Juniper & Fir Candle

    Bring in the holidays with this Orange Spice, Juniper and Fir Candle.

    $45.00 $31.75 more...
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    Off the Road

    Converted vans, trucks and other vehicles that provide temporary homes amid isolated terrain, sandy dunes, and endless skies.

    $45.00 $33.75 more...
  • Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

    Striking large-format images in glossy color enhanced with beautifully written compelling stories celebrating cars.

    $70.00 $52.50 more...
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    The Delicious

    The Delicious keeps you up to date with the latest trends in cooking and dining, showcasing eatery owners and unusual experiences.

    $55.00 $41.25 more...
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    The Outsiders

    Hardcover publication capturing today’s outdoor entrepreneurs.

    $60.00 $45.00 more...
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    Velo 3rd Gear

    This full color publication showcases the finest makers of bikes, technology and products designed specifically with cycling in mind.

    $49.95 $37.46 more...
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    Rakta Scarf

    Rakta is the Sanskrit word for dyed which is the key component in the achieving this scarf’s look. Beautiful tonal range.

    $295.00 $68.50 more...
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    Turi Wrap / Throw

    Hand woven on a pedal loom, the Turi Throw is a heavenly combination of Merino Wool, Cashmere, Cotton.

    $775.00 $232.50 more...
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    Asama Wrap / Throw

    A luxurious piece made from the softest of Nepalese cashmere and merino wool to wrap yourself up in. You simply will not want to take it off!

    $1,785.00 $535.50 more...
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    Pavana Ombre Scarf

    A feather weight cashmere scarf blending a beautiful color range for any season of the year.

    $545.00 $163.50 more...
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    Turi Throw

    A true wearable masterpiece utilizing heritage techniques. Handwoven on a foot pedal loom and lightly brushed out for a stunning texture and feel.

    $775.00 $232.50 more...
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    Yana Scarf

    Yana travel scarves are handwoven and then over washed for a super soft feel. The edging has frayed fringe with raw detail.

    $275.00 $137.50 more...
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    Sava Scarf

    Sava means both moon and sun in Sanskrit and each scarf embodies a form of this contrast.

    $325.00 $97.50 more...


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