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Makers and artisans describe their approaches to creating individually crafted, handmade and one-of-a-kind goods from around the globe. Learn about the materials, tools, and techniques that our makers use to bring you some of the most unusual gifts from around the world.
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Storytellers, creatives, and thought leaders share their stories about social activism, sustainability, and what inspires them to capture meaningful moments in arts and their own communities. Learn about what motivates and inspires our craftspeople and artisans.
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Curator's Picks of the Month

  • Handcrafted Bronze Glass Bowl

    Bronze with Ink Blue Crushed Glass Glaze

    $440.00 more...
  • India Small Stacking Vessel-Teal Brass

    Made of hand-blown glass, wood and hand-spun brass, this stacking vessel/vase and bowl is not only exquisite but also practical.

    $550.00 more...
  • Natural Horn and Bronze Pendant Necklace

    In complete communion are pendants of Zebu horn and bronze creating this divine necklace.

    $160.00 more...
  • Little Gems

    A set of Three Little Gems-powerful in their intense color

    $28.00 more...

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